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What Others Have to say

Jenn Fero  recommends GetfitBefree Personal Training.

Tiffany Ruffatto-Mojica has a personality and dedication that truly inspires myself and my children. Her willingness to support our schooling choices and provide my children with the physical education that I desire for them is simply amazing and perfect!

Christina Thinn Torres  recommends GetfitBefree Personal Training.

I love working out with Tiffany!! The workouts are fun and challenge you at the same time. Plus Tiffany is one of the most genuine and wonderful person I know. She definitely knows what she is doing. I have worked out at many different gyms and I absolutely love going here. The people are great and you get a great workout too!!

Sophie Rigollet Stewart  recommends GetfitBefree Personal Training.

Tiffany is amazing and her energy is awesome. She’s always adding to her skill set and completely invested in her clients. I can’t say enough positive things about her work and her workouts! #RESULTS

Jaclyn Ornelas  recommends GetfitBefree Personal Training.

I have found my new family at this place! I highly recommend Tiffany and all of the amazing classes she offers! She is so dedicated to all of us, it’s more than just a place to workout 🏋️‍♀️ it’s a place to come and make new friends and get fit all at the same time!!!

Sarah Williams  recommends GetfitBefree Personal Training.

super friendly and knowledgeable on what works! she's coaching my daughter now and I love the plan of action she has!

Raisa Colon  recommends GetfitBefree Personal Training.

Tried the new GLOW pound class & it was so funnnnn!!!!

Lezlee D Smith  recommends GetfitBefree Personal Training.

Tiffany is amazing. Works with you and your body type to get the best possible workout 💪 in without hurting yourself.

Djejmj McCoy  recommends GetfitBefree Personal Training.

Tiffany is a good, funny, and loving pound and boot camp instructor/friend. She will push you to the best of your abilities.

NatashaMay  recommends GetfitBefree Personal Training.

Very friendly. Very helpful, making sure you have proper form when working out. Kid friendly.

Nicole Johnston  recommends GetfitBefree Personal Training.

The training is Fun, Personalized and I got results quickly. Oh I forgot to mention this is the most motivating environment to live your fitness goals.

Delinda Svien Mongillo Roberts  recommends GetfitBefree Personal Training.

Tiffany is an awesome instructor and makes you feel good as she always tells you how you are doing and watches your form so that you do it proper and don’t hurt yourself!!

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